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Northwest A&F University Undergraduate Credit Administration Provisions (Amendment)
    Article 1 In order to implement the national education policy and maintain the normal teaching order with the personnel training objectives, this provision has been made according to the Education Law of the People's Republic of China, Higher Education Law of the People's Republic of China and Ministry of Education, University Student Management Regulations, and the actual school conditions.    
This provision applies to full-time undergraduates received regular higher academic education in the Northwest A&F University.

 Chapter II of Admissions and Registration
     Article accepted in accordance with the National Admission requirements for students holding admission notice to the school enrollment procedure according to the school about the requirements and regulations. For some reason those who can not be scheduled for admission, the students should get permission from school for extension. No admission or overdue two weeks without registration is considered as giving up admission except for some justified reasons.
    Article 4: for new students in accordance with national recruitment requirements within three months, the review qualifier is required to be registered, to obtain student status. Review failed, by the school to different circumstances, be dealt with until the denial of admission.
    Where the fraud is found, or with corruption to obtain student status, once verified, the immediate abolition is taken for student status. Further action will be taken depending on the case.
    Article 5: for fresh students suffering from the disease, the diagnosis of secondary level hospitals will be observed. If those who should not be in school, they may retain their admission status for one year. To retain their admission status during the period after recovery treatments, you can apply for admission to schools, after meeting the medical requirements required by the school and re-admission procedures. Those who failed to medical examinations after one year, the denial of admission would be issued.
    Article 6: At the beginning of each semester, students must hold a student card where College (Department) office to register at the specified date. Unable to schedule the registration, must apply for permission, otherwise truancy. On unauthorized overdue two weeks without registration is considered as automatic withdrawal.
    Article 7: Students are required to pay tuition or other who do not meet the criteria for registration will not be registered. Families with financial difficulties, students may apply for loans or other forms of assistance, registered after the relevant paperwork.
    Article 8: students who have not registered shall not participate in the educational and teaching activities.

Chapter III of assessment and achievement records
    Article 9 students should participate in the evaluation of courses and various training program provides education and teaching link (hereinafter collectively referred to as courses), course assessment results qualified, access to the corresponding credits, be credited to my results file. Not participate in the examination or failed the examination, can not get credit, and results accurately recorded.
    Article course examination is divided into examination, examine the two kinds. Examination course by using the percentile scoring; examine the lessons, practice teaching generally use five-point scale (excellent, good, moderate, pass, fail) score; General Education class elective, innovative educational activities in the two-point scale (qualified failure) scoring.
    Percentile and the five-point scale conversion standards: more than 90 points for outstanding; 80-89 is divided into good; 70-79 divided into medium; 60-69 passing grade; 60 points for failure.
    Article 11 Examination Form a closed book written open-book written examination, oral examination, practical skills examination, and can use the computer and network technology and other modern educational techniques for the exam. Examine mainly the comprehensive evaluation of the learning of students in each teaching session.
    Comprehensive assessment test scores, and usually results in the test class test results by the end of the course, the main examinations. Usually results include the operations, experiments, quizzes and other sectors, the proportion of the course is generally 30 to 50 percent. Examine the course by the usual lectures, in accordance with the student to complete the experiment, practice, surveys, class discussions, assignments, papers, and the usual test scores assessed comprehensively. Teachers deal with students usually test scores and learning seriously documented reference for the end of Final Performance.
    What assessment forms as well as the results the proportion of the specific nature of the courses by the Department in accordance with the characteristics of collective discussion, where the College (Department) for approval and submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs for the record. Classroom teachers in teaching hours, announced to the students.
    Article 12: School English teaching divides into different levels. Students should obtain the required credits. Students should participate in the fourth-grade examinations of the National University of Foreign Languages ​​organized by the school.
    Article 13 due to physical illness or a physical defect, proved by the university hospital, can apply for exempt or the suspension of military training; physical education to transfer to the Health Physical Education.
    Article 14: students who did not apply for the course selection approval and registration procedures shall not participate in the class assessment. Course after not apply within the specified time withdraw from the election procedures and not to participate in the course of study and assessment, absent is treated and the course grade is recorded as zero.
    Article 15 has been approved course of study, due to conflicts with other courses, students may apply to take a free listen to learn, but must complete the teacher provided for operations, experiment, practice and teaching. Who fail the examination, the course credits can be obtained. Where the application is free to listen to students, shall within two weeks after the commencement of writing to the classroom teachers put forward by the approval of the College (Department) for the record.
    Article 16 undergraduate students to obtain all the required course of three semester credits, such as the spare capacity available at the same time pursuing majors to apply to take a minor in Minor in the course credits credited to student achievement file.
    Article 17 student class for leave shall be the College teaching Secretariat for the cause of things can not leave hours accumulated more than 1/3 of the teaching, according to the processing of absences, unexcused absences up to 6 hours (late two equivalent more than 1 hours), lack of homework (including experimental report) amounted to more than 1/3, the teacher asks the report or completed, the experimenter, and shall not participate in the assessment of the course, absent treatment, and the results recorded indicate "absent" words. Absent of course may not be make-up, must be rebuilt, absenteeism, tardiness, lack of homework by the classroom teacher is responsible for recording.
    Article 18 The student course assessment does not pass, must make-up; make-up still pass must be rebuilt (the seventh, the eight-semester course failed or the school to adjust the training program can not be rebuilt), and can only be rebuilt once. Separate set up experimental courses, focus on the practical aspects of assessment conducted failing, must be rebuilt, and can only be rebuilt once.
    Supplementary examination 19 general arrangements for the beginning of the next semester, the course before 13 weeks of the semester end examinations, make-up exam after the end of five weeks. Supplementary examination results by the beginning of a book the actual results recorded (covering the original failing grades), recorded in the results marked with "make-up" words; rehabilitation of students with a student under the rehabilitation, rehabilitation of the results according to the actual results recorded (covering the original failing grades) recorded in the results marked "rebuilt" the words.
    Article 20 ill in hospital or on behalf of schools to participate in science and technology competitions, sports competitions can not take the exam students are required to apply before the exam. College sign an opinion together with relevant certificates submitted to and approved by the Office of Academic Affairs, for the record. Students postponing the exam approval recorded in the results annotated "postponing the exam" words. The students postponing the exam are required to attend the make-up or rebuilt, the results of its make-up or rebuilt as a first time to participate in the course exam results.
    Article 21 of unauthorized absent, the course grade in order to zero in the results recorded when the word annotated "giving up the exam ", courses of giving up the exam must be rebuilt.
    Twenty-two students participated in the school organization a variety of assessment, assessment of discipline must be strictly observed; breach of examination discipline, the school will depend on the seriousness, according to the provisions of the Northwest A & F University undergraduate examinations Ordinance, giving a "warning" "serious warning", "demerit", "probation" until the "expulsion" punishment. Cheating on exams, the course grade in order to zero in scoring registration mark "cheating" cheating courses must be rebuilt.

Chapter IV to turn professional and transfer
    Article 23 In general, students should be admitted to the professional completion of their studies. Some of the following circumstances, allowed to turn professional.
    (A) identified by the school assessment, students do have the expertise to turn professional after the better play to their expertise;
    (B) students enrolled after suffering from a disease or physical defect, medical unit designated by the school to check to prove that not in the original professional learning, but still capable of learning in other professions;
    (C) approved by the school, students do have some kind of special difficulties or non-personal reasons not to turn professional, you can not continue to learn.
    (D) of the schools according to social development and changes in demand of talent, the consent of the student, if necessary, appropriate adjustments to the students learn the professional.
    Article 24 of the number of students per academic year professional turn is not normally exceed 10% of the total number of the professional.
    Article 25 of the students change their major requirements are as follows:
    (A) Admission of students under the age of one academic year is not allowed to turn professional;
    (B) The leave of absence, students retained during the enrollment and admission requirements can not turn professional;
    (C) Student enrollment starting to turn professional once only.
    Article 26 to turn professional students to be transferred to a professional standard tuition fees.
    Article 27 of the students to turn professional, incorporated into the management of the same year. Already obtained credits in line with the transferred to the professional training program requirements, and transferred to the College (the Department) and the Office of Academic Affairs to confirm, to be recognized, respectively, included in the transferred compulsory professional or professional elective credits, and other course record score but excluding credits. Not attend the course must accompany transferred to a specialized low-grade.
    Article 28 students absence of exceptional circumstances shall not transfer. Our students need to transfer due to special reasons, shall be subject to school and transferred to the school agreed to and approved by the provincial administrative department of education, can I transfer.
    Foreign students at our school need to follow the relevant provisions of the requirements and schools of higher education authorities.

Chapter V of the leave of absence and return to school
    Article 29 to allow students to complete their studies in stages. Illness or other reasons can not be normal learning, or to suspend their studies, may apply for leave of absence, schools retain their student status.
    The third ten students of the following circumstances, should be dropped out.
    (A) by the university hospital or designated hospital diagnosis of illness, need to be closed treatment, recuperation time over the semester, the total hours of one-third;
    (B) within one semester leave of absence over the semester, the total hours of one-third of;
    (C) The student pregnancy, childbirth, the school considers unfit to continue in school and life;
    (D) drafted into the army;
    (E) to study at their own expense;
    (F) suspension venture approved by the school;
    (G) for some special reasons and difficulties, I apply or school must drop out of.
    Article 31 of the students drop out by the applicants themselves, along with relevant certificates, where the College (Department) has agreed to be arranged to take off and reported to the Office of Academic Affairs approved the procedures for school leavers.
    Article 32 of the students drop out generally for one year, years of accumulated leave of absence not exceeding two years. Illness drop out students, the need of continuous sick leave, must apply for continued Hugh procedures, procedures continued Hugh with the leave of absence procedures. Late two weeks does not apply for renewal of Hugh procedures to cancel their enrollment.
    Issues related to Article 33 of the suspension of students according to the following provisions:
    (A) drop out students to apply for leave of absence leave school procedures, the school shall be maintained student status;
    (B) students to drop out due to illness during home to rest, recuperate medical costs during the execution by the provisions of the university hospital;
    (C) of students dropped out to go home travel expenses to take care of themselves, the account does not move out of the school;
    (D) students during the leave of absence, do not enjoy in the treatment of students, not ratings scholarship, can not enjoy the study loan, the occurrence of injuries and other accidents deal with the relevant provisions of the State, schools not students dropped out during the incident is responsible for;
    (E) students to study abroad at their own expense, leaving only the enrollment year;
    (F) students enlisted to retain student status to less than one year after retirement;
    (G) students drop out for a period not to attend school on their own to the school's achievements to be null and void.
    Article 34 of the students return to school the following regulations:
    (A) of students dropped out or retain student status expires, should hold the suspension of certificates and the corresponding documents to the College (the Department) to return to school to apply for the examination and approval of the College (the Department), the consent of the Office of Academic Affairs for approval before they are allowed to return to school.
    Return to school students, the College (the Department) and the relevant departments should be a comprehensive review, such as acts of lawlessness or retain student status during the leave of absence, or other reasons can not continue to learners, cancel back to school qualifications.
    (B) due to sickness and scholars, to pay local hospitals above county level shall recovered certificate of diagnosis, hospital medical review of qualified designated by the university hospital or school, College (Department) audit, Office of Academic Affairs after approval go through the back to school procedures.
    (C) leave of absence for other reasons, students apply for back to school, parents must be held when the township (town) government or street office issued the realism of the performance of that material.
    (D) approval to return to school students in principle incorporated into the next grade, the same professional learning. If the next grade or original suspension, can be incorporated into similar professional learning.

Chapter 6 drop-out and recovering
    Article 35 of the students of the following circumstances, be dismissed:
    (A) first-year students of a school year does not get credits this school year should be given credit for more than 25%;
    (B) Year 2 and above students of the school year did not get the credits up to this school year should be more than 20 percent of the credits or accumulated not get the credits to reach more than 25 credits;
    (C) the suspension or retain enrollment eligibility expires, two weeks overdue return to school procedures do not apply or apply for failure to return to school after examination;
    (D) confirmed by the university hospital or designated hospital, suffering from illness or accident disability is unable to continue in school;
    (E) not to leave to leave school for two consecutive weeks did not participate in school teaching activities;
    (F) more than the school the stipulated time unregistered and without proper justification;
    (G) I applied for withdrawal.
    Article 36 of the students drop-out processing, unless the student applied for withdrawal should be where the college (department) report, together with related materials, Office of Academic Affairs audit.
    Article 37 of the students drop out of treatment, to study the decision by the school principals office meeting.
    Article 38 of the dropouts, the school should be issued quit the book and sent I could not be served in the school bulletin shall be deemed served at the same time reported that the Education Department of Shaanxi Province for the record.
    Matters related to Article 39 of the dropouts to the following regulations:
    (A) drop-out students at the stipulated time for school leavers procedures, files, accounts, returned to their home domicile.
    (B) drop-outs distributed to drop-out proof of unauthorized leave school students are not issued to drop out to prove.
    (C) drop-outs, receiving the withdrawal from the date of the written decision to leave school in two weeks to go through complete withdrawal procedures; no reason fails to complete the procedure, the school will cancel their enrollment, no longer to produce proof of any qualifications.
    (D) Where the cancellation of enrollment and drop-outs are not allowed to apply for back to school.
    Article 40 of the student drop-out handle objections with reference to the provisions of Article 53, Article 54, Article 55 of the handle.
    Article 41 Where the academic reasons for the withdrawal deal with the students, can apply for trial studies. Students in school during the only to trial studies time trial studies period is one year. Students may not apply demerit and above sanctions trial studies.
    Issues related to Article 42 trial studies students deal with the following provisions:
    (A) trial studies during all rehabilitation course grade all pass into formal students; Where failure of a rehabilitation course, regarded as trial studies failed. The trial studies failed, given the drop-out processing.
    (B) the trial studies students may not turn professional.
    (3) To approve trial studies students, in principle, with the next grade trial studies; individual students, such as school has spare capacity, may apply to the incorporated into the original year of
    (D) dropped out of the year trial studies pass into formal students, such as to achieve the processing requirements, all for withdrawal processing are no longer allowed trial studies.

Chapter VII Rewards and sanctions
   Article 43 of the moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic development, or an outstanding student may be granted the honorary title, and get the corresponding reward.
    Article 44 of the students must abide by state laws and regulations and the regulations. Any violation of law, violations of the student, the school according to the seriousness of the case, to give criticism or disciplinary action. The school is divided into the following five types of student disciplinary:
    (A) warning;
    (B) a serious warning;
    (C) The demerit;
    (D) probation;
    (E) expulsion.
    Article 45 of the students must consciously abide by the school's appraisal system, where, without leave, or leave is not quasi unauthorized leave school, or leave overdue normalized, are absent punished. Absenteeism when the number is calculated according to class a few hours. Unexcused absence, depending on their absenteeism were given the following processing:
    (A) one semester absenteeism totaled more than 20 hours, to give warning;
    (B) one semester absenteeism amounted to more than 30 hours, given a serious warning;
    (C) a semester absenteeism amounted to more than 40 hours, given a demerit;
    (D) a semester absenteeism amounted to more than 50 hours, given probation sanction. Disposition of the remains unexcused absences, incorrigible, and given expulsion.
    Article 46 for no reason giving-up exams, depending on its giving-up exams were given the following processing:
    (A) a semester for no reason giving-up exams two courses to give warning;
    (B) one semester for no reason giving-up exams three courses to be given serious warning;
    (C) a semester, four courses for no reason giving-up exams demerit;
    (D) a semester for no reason giving-up exams 5 and above courses can be given probation sanctions, punishment is still no reason giving-up exams, given the expulsion.
    Article 47 of the following circumstances, the school gives the expulsion:
    (A) in violation of the Constitution, against the four cardinal principles, undermine the stability and unity, disturbs social order;
    (B) violated state law, constitute a criminal offense;
    (C) violation of the Administrative Penalties for Public Security provisions be punished, the nature of the poor;
    (D) instead of the examination by others, for others to take the exam, organize cheating serious use of communications equipment cheating and other cheating;
    (5) plagiarizing, copying from others research, the circumstances are serious;
    (F) in violation of school regulations, harm national, social and collective interests, or other citizens legitimate rights and interests, resulting in serious consequences;
    (G) for repeated violations of school rules subject to disciplinary action by the education reform.
    Article 48 action, the students should do the proper procedures, there is sufficient evidence, based on clear and accurate qualitative and appropriate punishment.
    Article 49 of the schools before the students to make the punishment should listen to the presentation and defense of the student or his agent.
    Article 50 of the schools to impose punishment on students, the disposal of the written decision shall be issued and sent to the I. The sanction decision shall sanction and disposition of the facts, reasons and basis for, and inform the student grievance and complaint deadline. The expulsion decision to the book must be reported to Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education for the record.
    Article 51 of the warning, serious warning, a demerit to submit written comments by students where the College (Department), reported to the responsible leaders of the school for approval by the relevant department; to stay in view, the expulsion must be reported to the principal office meeting decided.
    Article 52 of the schools set up student appeal Board to deal with the students to handle and dispose of the complaint. Complaints handling by the school, the Commission is responsible for functional departments, teachers and students on behalf of the composition.
    Handling or disposal of the 53 students on the school's objection to a decision within five working days based on the fact that the date of receipt of the written decision or announcement of a written complaint to the school students for handling complaints committee. Student Appeals Committee in handling student complaints filed for review and the date of receipt of the written complaint within 15 working days to review the conclusions and inform the complainant. Need to change the disposition or handling of the decision, submitted by the Student Appeals Committee in handling school departments or principal office will re-examine the decision.
    The 54 students who disagree with the decision of the review of the school, receiving the review from the date of the written decision within 15 working days Shaanxi Province Department of Education a complaint in writing.
    Article 55, the date sent to the students in the complaint period, the proposed complaint, the school will not accept complaints made decisions on punishment.
    Article 56 of the students be expelled from the school distributed learning to prove. Students leave school by school time, and its file, the account returned to its home domicile.
    Article 57 of the student awards, disciplinary material, the school should be classified as school documents and archives, and I file a true and complete.

Chapter VIII of graduation and graduation
    Article 58 of the students in the school require years of study, completed in accordance with this training program requirements of credits, Germany, intellectual, physical meet the graduation requirements, and allowed to graduate school graduation certificate.
    Article 59 schools to implement the provisions of flexibility in the education system of years of study, undergraduate students basic system four years (part of the professional for five years). Students ahead of required credits in accordance with the requirements of the training program may apply for early graduation. The proposed early graduation students for one semester before graduation to the colleges (Department) an application for examination and approval, submitted to and approved by the Office of Academic Affairs.
    Article 60 of the students in the school years of learning, taking a full course in accordance with the provisions of the training program and complete the appropriate teaching, but not required credits for graduation processing, and issued a certificate of completion by the school. By the President approved due to special circumstances can also apply for an extension of the study period.
    Article 61 of the closure of the students in the schools require years of study (four-year professional for six years, five-year professional for seven years), allowing the gallery to take the failed course within one year after graduation (or teaching), the results qualified to meet the graduation requirements, the renewal of the diploma with the next student. Graduation time counting from the date of renewal diploma. Closure of the students back to school rehabilitation course (or teaching) Examination have violated examination rules or of fraudulent behavior, cancel renewing their diploma qualifications.
    Article 62 approved to extend the learning life of students, schools require years of study, allowing rebuilt within a year did not pass the course (or teaching), pass in the required credits, graduated handle, yet Xiuman credits by graduation.
    Article 63 to obtain a graduate qualification, in line with the Regulations Concerning Academic Degrees of the People's Republic of China and Northwest A & F a bachelor's degree awarded to implement the provisions of the Rules of the conditions, to grant the appropriate bachelor's degree, degree-granting certificates. Any closure of the renewal of diploma students and graduation qualification examination failed to extend the study period, not to grant a bachelor's degree.
    Article 64 of the bachelor's degree is to implement a one-time grant, after students' graduation, not to be replaced granted.
    Article 65 of the school at least more than one year drop-out students, the school awarded the Certificate of Completion.
    Article 66 of the completion of the professional academic minor in other professional and students to achieve the professional minor requirements, a minor professional certificate issued by the school.
    Article 67 of the graduate, graduation, Certificate of Completion and diplomas lost or damaged, after I apply for the schools to verify the appropriate certificate issued. The original certificate, the certificate have the same effect.

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