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Welcome to the College of Mechanical & Electronic Engineering (CMEE) web site!
CMEE is a diverse college that mainly includes four academic departments, three research and extension centers and one international academy. Our mission is to provide global leadership in discovering, accessing, and disseminating knowledge that contributes to a safe, abundant food supply; promotes the well-being of individuals, families, and communities; enhances sustainability of agricultural and economic systems; and promotes technology and equipment in agricultural productions.
CMEE at Northwest A&F University was founded in 1994 from the origin of agricultural mechanization specialty founded in 1946 and Agricultural Mechanization Faculty founded in 1956. Currently CMEE has four departments, namely Agricultural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Wood Science & Engineering. CMEE has Precision Agricultural Institute, Dry-land Farming and Water Saving Machine Lab, Bio-material Engineering Lab and Tiangong Industrial Design Institute. Moreover, CMEE has Technology Training Center for Rural Energy of Northwest China under National Ministry of Agriculture, Occupation Skill Identification Station for Rural Energy of Northwest China under National Ministry of Agriculture as well as Engineering Training Center of Northwest A&F University. CMEE has 1 postdoctoral research program station, 5 doctorate disciplines, 7 master disciplines and 7 bachelor majors. There are totally 154 faculty members and staffs, including 13 professors, 28 associate professors, 48 lecturers and 10 assistant lecturers.
CMEE has got excellent achievements in harvesting machines, dry-land farming and water saving technology and equipments, comprehensive application of agricultural waste, precision agriculture, agro-product processing, etc. Meanwhile, cut-edge researches have been conducted in mechanization of agriculture, mechanical-electrical integration, farming machines, timber processing and forestry machines for a long time. CMEE has undertaken more than 80 research projects from State, Ministries or Provincial authorities, including 22 projects have got awards from the State, and Ministry or Provincial authorities. More than 60 patents have been filed form the State (5 of them are invention ones), with 2 patents form Shaanxi Province. Over 40 books and more than 500 referred journal papers have been published in recent years.
CMEE has paid more attentions to domestic and international academic communications and exchanges and actively developed close relationships with universities and institutes over the world. In recent years, CMEE has undertaken over 20 international and domestic meetings, invited more than 40 person-times foreign professors or experts to visit or make research seminars, accepted 5 foreign students and sent 30 person-times to study or visit in foreign countries.
CMEE has become an important base in scientific researches in agricultural engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering in Northwest China, even in the whole country. CMEE provides the exciting programs and career opportunities. If you are a prospective student, we hope that you may look at both the undergraduate and graduate study programs developed exclusively for you. Whether you want to be a professional engineer or a fashion designer, we have the program for you! If you are one of the research faculties or industrial partners of our college, I would encourage you to explore the diverse research and outreach programs offered through the college. Thank you for visiting our website. Please contact us if you need more information.

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