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Engineering Training CenterETC


ETC is located at eastside of the college building of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, was completed in June 2005, with total area of 5870 square meters, V600A CNC machining center, CNC machine, three-axis numerical control teaching system, line cutting, EDM module production systems, industrial-robots and other advanced equipment. There are currently more than 30 people to teach and guide students. ETC is supported by the Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, and managed by the Office of Academic Affairs. ETC is divided into 4 training areas, namely the recognizing industrial systems, the mechanical foundation engineering, mechanical and electrical internship, and industrial design.
    ETC is a teaching base of engineering practice and the overall quality of training/education in schools, plays an important role in the various professional engineering quality training center for the school, and provides students to understand relevant professional practices, engineering training, and educational task of the science and technology innovation practice. ETC is also open for social and corporative internships resources and consulting services.


• Provide training platform for the whole school professional engineering training and public innovative practice courses;
• Provide practical platform for the electromechanical professional school in professional practice and engineering innovation;
• Provide machinery manufacturing and mechatronics to the community, other professionals and technical personals;
• Provide consulting and services in machinery and electronic product development, production and management technology;
    All teaching faculties and staffs sincerely welcome to visit this ETC.
• Industrial system recognizing training;


To understand the composition and operation of the industrial system, the composition of the typical products and the latest technological development, and train the general picture of large projects, the basis of scientific thinking ability is established for students to have the macro-understanding of the industrial system.
• Mechanical engineering training
• Electrical and Mechanical Training


• Industrial Design Training
• CNC programming training


Some pictures selected in teaching practices





    ETC has played important role in teaching since it received 5347 new students for visiting and studying in 2006. CNC technology training for teachers was organized together with the Provincial Department of Education and other Colleges. It assisted other Institutes in completion of the teaching related to mechanical training. It also received visitors from more than 20 universities in the Northeast, North, and Northwest, in addition to five delegations from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and abroad. It is serving seven professional teaching practice, curriculum design and professional internships. ETC is willing to work with the school, faculty and staff, the community and friends from home and abroad for training all kinds of personnel needed by the different levels.

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