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Dry-land Farming Equipment and Technology
The continual development of dry-land farming and mechanism is an important research direction that has been paid more attention in the world nowadays. The main functions of this study are to establish equipment system of modern dry-land farming with unique characteristics of China. Taking measurement to keep water and reduce the water and soil being washed away, the core of the study is to increase the producing efficiency of crop moisture and producing benefit of agriculture. Combining the manufacture and the continual development, engineering measurement and biological technology, modern technology and traditional farming system, the research lab will study and develop the multifunctional dry farming machines with high efficiency, low energy-consuming and low cost.
Pasturage Engineering
Livestock is the main source of meat food for human. The average livestock production per person is the important factor to evaluate the developing degree of a country and the people’s living level. Without the modernization of stockbreeding, there would not be the agricultural modernization indeed. The main directions of this research are to carry out the affiliation of agriculture, science and education, as well as the combination of producing, learning and studying. Taking the industrialization of achievement of science and technology, interior management as a corporation and development to the direction of market-orientation step by step as the aim, the research lab will obtain the important achievements with certain market value in system and engineering, making these achievements convertible to the market. According to the need of market, the research will study and develop the new technology and production, making them participate market management in complete orientation and multi-angle, and contribute to the development of Livestock in our country.
Agriculture Information and Automatization
Precision farming is the advanced producing technology of agriculture in the 21st century, and a new direction of modern agriculture development within the recent 20 years. Based on the different growth circumstance and production of the crop in small farmland, the key-technological idea of precision farming is to implement potential and useful technologies, make the traditional farming change into precision farming, increase the usage efficiency of water,fertilizer and pesticide, and gain the optimal economic and ecological benefits. The main research objectives of this study are to combine precision farming and dry-land farming, develop the advanced technology of precision farming, which should be suitable for the western dry-land farming, and study the control and inspection technique with computer and biological sensor technology.
Processing and Storage Equipment of Agro-Products
The novel technology and equipments of Agro-product processing are the essential hardware establishment and core content of modern food processing. This is a key factor to realize the industrialization of agriculture, which possess the important meaning to develop diverse products having new pattern, functionality and long shelf-life with high efficiency, high quality and low energy-consuming. The general purpose of this research is to develop an interdisciplinary value added agricultural products research program focused on food safety and novel processing technologies. The specific research objectives are to investigate the fundamental thermal death kinetics of microorganisms, determine the engineering properties of agricultural products, and develop advanced thermal and non thermal processing techniques for pasteurization and disinfestations of agricultural products. Furthermore, this research will also master the characteristics and functions of all kinds of new materials, and applying them to the product quality inspecting, processing, and new food packaging.
Structure Analysis and Function Improvement of Biomaterial
Biomaterials are the various materials including lumber, crop stalks and their products, also the only reproducible nature material in the various using materials such as steels, cement, and plastic and so on. The study and analysis to the basic character of biomaterial are the processing and utilizing basis of biomaterial. The main functions of this studio are to inspect and analyses the basic character of biomaterial such as anatomizing structure, fiber configuration, chemical character, biochemical character and so on, at the same time, to inspect and identify the conformation and the change of chemical character of biomaterial in the course of processing. Based on the outcome of analysis, taking lumber as the main object, the studio will study the content of function improvement such as the character altering of lumber of fast growth trees, lumber coloration imitating the rarity trees, burning-preventing disposal (fireproofing disposal) of lumber using in room, insect-preventing of lumber, lumber antisepsis, color change-preventing of lumber and so on.
Physical properties and Comprehensive Utilization of Biomaterial
Physical properties of biomaterial include mechanics, optics, electrics and acoustics. The main tasks of this research are to study the relation of distortion of force and the time in various loading force, and determine the mechanics indexes of biomaterial. The basic theory, model and flow change equation of biomaterial rheology will be studied and developed. The mechanics assess of biomaterial texture and the mechanical properties of loose granule materiel will be determined. The basis of optics and electrics of biomaterial, biological sensor technology and biological information technology, the application method of light and electricity information in agriculture engineering will also be studied.
The illogical disposal of farming castoff such as burning the crop talks has brought much energy wasting and environment pollution. The continual developing stratagem in the 21st century has put forward impending requirement to develop the biomaterial suiting for the environmentally friendly technology of farming castoff with high efficiency and environment-protecting. The main tasks of this research are to study the mechanism and infection factors of model pressing and molding of biomaterial, the flow change characteristics and molding of material, the frothing molding mechanism of biomaterial and mechanics characters of frothing biomaterial, the molding structure of biomaterial products and amortizing character of wrappers. In addition, the development of ecological material and study of the utilizing technology will be carried out, such as the utilizing technology of crop stalks as resource, the product developing of composite material of timber and plastic etc.

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