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Dr. Chenghai Yang from USDA-ARS, Weslaco, TX, USA(Right& First)Visited our college many times, made research seminars and discussed with the students and faculty members

On August 14th, 2004, Cambodia trainees visited the production of wood and metal furniture at Yangling Tinggong Industrial Co., Ltd., organized by the Ministry of Agriculture

On Oct. 11-14, 2004, Prof. Qing Yang with other faculty members attended CIGR conference in Beijing

On Oct. 12, 2004, Prof. Qing Yang made an oral presentation in the CIGR conference in Beijing

On Oct. 12, 2004, Dr. Wenting Han made an oral presentation in the CIGR conference in Beijing

Pictures with the foreign experts at the 2004CIGR conference

On October 22, 2004, the invited Canadian soil physicist, Dr. G. Clark Topp made a seminar for teachers and students on soil moisture electromagnetic measurement methods.

On October 23, 2004, Dr. Jiannong Xin from University of Florida made a seminar on Agriculture IT in the 21st century

On November 6, 2004, Dr. Wayne, Wasylciw, the technical director of the Alberta, Canada, Institute of Forest Products Research and Development Center, discussed about agricultural technology and experience of the straw medium-density fiberboard with Prof. Yang, Zhongping, other teachers and students.

Dr. Todd Shupe from Renewable Resources Institute, Louisiana State University, and Dr. Leslie Groom, director of USDA-Forest Service Bureau of the South Institute of Wood Utilization Research Center visited our college for academic exchanges.

In 2005, Prof. Yang, Qing visited Moscow State Agricultural Engineering University Laboratory, Russia

Picture with Dr. Chen, Yuren when Prof. Yang, Qing visited  the U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Centre in 2005

Dr. Andrew Cheetham, the Vice-president of the University of Western Sydney, Australia, made a research seminar at the College in 2007

In January 2008, Dr. Zou, Cheng, Chief Representative of China Project at Canada's Magna Car Seat Co., Ltd., made a seminar

In May, 2008, Dr. Zhang, Qin from University of Illinois visited our college and made a research seminar

In October, 2009,Dr. Shaojin Wang from Washington State University made a research seminar

Group picture for participants in 2011 Yangling International Agri-Science Forum- Modern Agriculture Equipment and Information Technology organized by our college
Group picture for participants to visit the protected culture center in modern greenhouses after opening ceremony for the Yangling International Academy of Modern Agriculture in July 2010

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